The 25 ‘protected’ pubs in Norwich - and what is happening to them now

From top to bottom, left to right: The Brickmakers, The Fiveways, Lollards Pit, Plasterers Arms and

From top to bottom, left to right: The Brickmakers, The Fiveways, Lollards Pit, Plasterers Arms and Gibraltar Gardens. Photos: Denise Bradley and Soya Duncan - Credit: Archant

As pubs face closure and landlords fight to stay afloat, some communities are joining the fight to protect their locals.

A tool which has become relied upon is the asset of community value (ACV) - a process which gives buildings and areas an extra layer of protection.

Once listed, it will go onto a register for five years and, if put up for sale during that time, the community can enact the Community Right to Bid, which provides a six-month period in which they can decide if they can raise the cash to buy it.

The York Tavern, in Leicester Street, is the subject of an ongoing application.

People living near the pub, including Steve Wiseman, nominated it in June after it closed in January this year, thanks to a break down in lease negotiations.

A decision is expected any day.

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But where are all the others?

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- The Kimberley Arms, Trory Street

Expires on September 16, 2020

The golden triangle pub closed in 2015, and three years later a new café opened in its place, called NR2.

But at the end of July this year, the independent eatery and deli announced it was closing.

- The Stanley Arms, Magdalen Road

Expires on September 21, 2020

In 2017, pub owner Punch Taverns appealed for someone to take over the running of the business.

And the following year, the pub, which has been in the community for more than 100 years, was renovated by owner Rose Hanison and rebranded The Stanley NR3.

- The Plasterers Arms, Cowgate

Expires on September 22, 2020

The pub remains open.

- The Blueberry Inn, Cowgate

Expires on October 21, 2020

The pub remains open.

- The Perseverance, Adelaide Street

Expires on October 21, 2020

The former Perseverance pub, which closed in 2015, was reopened in January 2016 after it was bought by Colin Keatley, who is behind the Fat Cat on West End Street.

It has since become a multi-purpose private function room.

- The Quebec Tavern, Quebec Road

Expires on October 21, 2020

In February last year, Norwich City Council's planning committee gave permission for the tavern to be turned into homes.

The meeting heard that its listing as an ACV meant the local community had been given the chance to buy the pub, but that no groups came forward with offers.

- Number 12, Farmers Avenue

Expires on October 21, 2020

In March 2017, community groups were also given the chance to buy Number 12 after its owner Ei Publican Partnerships revealed it hoped to sell the building. It remains empty today.

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- The Gatehouse, Dereham Road

Expires on December 10, 2020

The pub remains open.

- King Edward VII, Aylsham Road

Expires on December 10, 2020

Work has recently started on a new £1m mosque which will be built at the site, after planning permission was granted in December 2017.

- Gibraltar Gardens, Heigham Street

Expires on December 10, 2020

The pub briefly closed last autumn, but has been reopened as the Britannia Gardens, run by Britannia Enterprises.

- The Owl Sanctuary, Cattle Market Street

Expires on February 4, 2021

At the start of 2016, the popular rock venue closed and was sold to property developer Richard Pratt.

It sparked an online campaign to keep it open, and there were previous plans to turn the building into another pub and restaurant.

But earlier this month, a bid to convert it into apartments was lodged.

- The Rose Inn, Queens Road

Expires on March 10, 2021

The pub remains open.

- The Cellar House, Eaton Street

Expires on February 10, 2021

The pub remains open.

- The Woolpack, Muspole Street

Expires on June 9, 2021

The pub remains open.

- Ketts Tavern, Ketts Hill

Expires on July 29, 2021

In April 2016, plans were approved to turn the pub into a house, and in April 2018 a bid to separate part of the building and turn it into a one-bedroom flat were also given the go-ahead.

During the 2016 application, the pub was being nominated as an ACV.

- The Surrey Tavern, Surrey Street

Expires on July 29, 2021

In January last year, the former pub, which closed in April 2016, was turned into The Surrey, a café bar.

- Walnut Tree Shades, Old Post Office Court

Expires on September 21, 2021

The pub remains open.

- Lollards Pit, Riverside Road

Expires on September 21, 2021

Covers the basement, ground floor and external areas of the pub.

The pub remains open.

- Robin Hood, Mousehold Street

Expires on January 11, 2022

The pub remains open.

- The Windmill, Knox Road

Expires on February 17, 2022

The pub remains open.

- The Cock, Long John Hill

Expires on May 16, 2022

In March this year, the clock began ticking when it was announced the building had been put up for sale with planning permission to turn it into two homes.

But, with the pub having been listed as an ACV by the Norwich and Norfolk branch of Camra in 2017, it meant the community was given the chance to buy it.

But with no offers arriving, in April this year, a phasing plan detailing works to turn it into two homes was lodged.

- The Freed Man, St Mildreds Road

Expires on November 3, 2022

Despite a hard-fought campaign, in January 2018 the city council backed plans to turn the west Earlham pub into a 34-bedroom student housing block.

Despite the pub being an ACV by that point, planning officers said: "Local planning authorities have discretion over whether to consider ACV listing a material planning consideration. Given the justification set out by the applicant discussed above, the loss of the public house is considered to be acceptable in this instance."

- Heath House, Gertrude Road

Expires on August 2, 2023

The pub remains open.

The bowling green was listed in 2015 after a dispute broke out between pub landlords and the Heath House Bowling Club, who were told they didn't drink enough beer to use the green.

- Fiveways, Gipsy Lane

Expires on August 2, 2023

The pub remains open.

- The Brickmakers, Sprowston Road

Expires on November 19, 2023

The pub was listed as an ACV early this year, after failed lease talks with owner Ei Publican Partnerships saw its landlords say they may be forced to step down.

But a new lease was eventually signed, and the pub remains open.

There is one entry on the list which isn't a pub - Train Wood, off Barker Street.

The Friends of Train Wood and Mariott's Way, which was set up in 2013, wanted to protected the woodland and riverbank and fend off development.

It came after Norfolk County Council listed the 12-acre woodland on its 'for sale' portfolio, but in 2014 the council confirmed the sale would not go ahead.

The area's listing will expire on November 19, 2023.

Just one ACV application has been rejected in the last five years.

On Christmas Eve, 2015, plans to list the Cricketers Rest, on Queens Road, were rejected, with an appeal of that decision set to be held on the same date in 2020.

The council said "nonwithstanding the length of time that the pub operated for prior to closing, that a period of five and a half years is too long for it to be concluded that the building has furthered hte interests of the local community or social wellbeing in the recent past".

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