Latest situation on fuel sees more queues despite continued assurances

Queues to get fuel at Tesco in Blue Boar Lane in Sprowston.

Queues to get fuel at Tesco in Blue Boar Lane in Sprowston. - Credit: Archant

There were long queues at several petrol stations across the region today as people continued to queue for fuel despite assurances there was no shortage of petrol.

After a weekend of disruption, queues have been reported near the Woodrow Garage on Holt Road, the Tesco in Stalham, and the Co-op on the A47 near Necton on Monday morning.

A handful of petrol stations across the county are closed, though many are expecting deliveries.

Closures include Drayton Applegreen, Wisbech Morrisons, Harford Tesco, and multiple garages in Dereham.

Some petrol stations are even limiting customers, with Roydon Services limiting each vehicle to £30.

Today, there were reports the government are considering bringing in the army to drive HGV's, while at the weekend the government announced it would offer temporary visas lasting to Christmas Eve to 5,000 foreign fuel tanker and food lorry drivers and 5,500 poultry workers in a bid to limit disruption in the build-up to Christmas.  

Norfolk's transport sector at large is being affected, with bus companies cancelling services and taxi firms under pressure.

The "panic" has led to many wondering if they should switch to an electric car with Louise Brock, 60, from Sheringham, saying: "I probably would get one because it's more environmentally friendly."

Police have already warned people to not panic-buy or queue on roads as it could adversely affect emergency services.

Key workers are struggling to get to work due to not being able to buy petrol, with Amy Winton, from Stalham, saying: She said: “We have no fuel in the area. At the moment we have all managed to make it to work but if it keeps happening, I don’t know what we’ll do. "

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