Prince Charles plans more public access at Sandringham House

Sandringham House, which reopens to visitors on May 29

The Royal Family's connections to Norfolk date back more than 150 years, to when Queen Victoria bought Sandringham House - Credit: Ian Burt

Sandringham House has been the private retreat of four generations of British monarchs since the mid-19th century - and it could soon be opened up to the public like never before.

The Prince of Wales has plans to increase public access to royal residences including Sandringham House in west Norfolk. 

According to the Sunday Times the Prince intends to allow people into more areas "to connect with the institution" while also retaining the palaces as homes.

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The Prince of Wales plans to open up royal palaces when he becomes king - Credit: PA

It is believed that Prince Charles will divide his time between Sandringham, Buckingham Palace, Birkhall and his Gloucestershire home when he accedes to the throne. 

Parts of Sandringham House have been open to the public when the Queen is not in residence. 

But the Sunday Times reports the Prince has started discussions with other members of the royal family to reveal more of the palaces with up to 775 rooms potentially being opened up.

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