Loyd Grossman names Norfolk as top holiday destination: what five local delicacies should he try?

Loyd Grossman has named Norfolk as his top UK holiday destination Photo : Steve Adams

Loyd Grossman has named Norfolk as his top UK holiday destination Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Loyd Grossman, the successful author and broadcaster, is the latest celebrity to sing Norfolk’s praises as a great holiday destination.

The infamous Cromer Crab PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY


Grossman is one of many celebrities who choose Norfolk as their favourite place of choice for a break.

Most recently, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited restaurants whilst on his Norfolk holiday. He mentioned how he loves the coast and often frequently visits Norfolk. In August, Hollywood actor Tom Hardy was spotted holidaying in Burnham Deepdale and visited a family-run pizza company.

Ex-prime minister David Cameron has spoken in the past of his love for having a break in Holkham.

Loyd Grossman said: “I’ve just discovered north Norfolk with its stunning beaches, churches and delicious food. I ate the most amazing crab there.”

Brancaster Mussels Photo: Adrian Judd

Brancaster Mussels Photo: Adrian Judd

He was the presenter of MasterChef for 10 years from 1990 to 2000, so he knows a thing or two about good food.

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So, we thought of five Norfolk delicacies he should try on his next trip to Norfolk.

Cromer Crab

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What screams Norfolk more than the classic Cromer Crab? If you’re a foodie, you’ll note how Cromer Crabs are small but do not compromise on the high proportion of white meat or with the burst of flavour.

Every May there is a Crab and Lobster Festival in Cromer and Sheringham.

Brancaster Mussels

You’ll find these fresh mussels in many of the Norfolk pubs, restaurants and cafes along the coast, specifically during their peak months which is September to April.

They are collected whilst they are young and are moved to beds in the tidal creeks to mature into tender, juicy mussels.

Stiffkey Cockles

These cockles are thought to be the finest cockles available in Great Britian. You’ll find them a few inches under the mud and sand along Norfolk beaches and can harvest them with broad rakes and nets.

To locals, they can be referred to as ‘Stewkey Blues’ due to their grey-blue colour which occurs from the mud and sand. They are best enjoyed when fresh from the seaside.


Samphire or sea asparagus? However you refer to it, the marsh samphire lives in the tidal salt marshes and creeks which are fund along the Norfolk coast.

The plant is said to “taste of the sea” and is best served steamed and with butter. Many people have never tasted it until they have been in Norfolk.

Norfolk Turkey

With an endorsement from the popular sitcom Gavin and Stacey with Mick’s Norfolk Kerry Bronze Turkey, this one is not a secret.

The Black turkey is classed as farmers’ breed of choice and Norfolk has been renowned for breeding great turkeys and continue to maintain reputation.

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