Confusion as megaphone men shout Covid-denying messages across city

People at Giggling Squid and Tatlers in Norwich

The men reportedly pulled up outside Tatlers and the Giggling Squid to shout through their megaphones at people eating their meals - Credit: Sarah Burges

Mystery men with a megaphone have been seen and heard driving around Norwich, shouting Covid-denying messages at people including outdoor diners.

Though Norfolk Constabulary confirmed there have been no reports of antisocial behaviour relating to the incidents, residents said the pair had been "giving it some noise" for at least a week.

One resident Jasmine Knowles said she saw two men in a Vauxhall Insignia drive down Drayton Road at around 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

People living north of the city near Waterloo Park have heard the megaphone in action, as well as residents of Mile Cross and Upper Hellesdon. One man said he was sitting having his KFC at Dalrymple Way when he saw "two lads in a red car giving it some noise".

The KFC restaurant on Mile Cross Lane.

The KFC restaurant on Mile Cross Lane was also visited by the mysterious men with megaphones - Credit: Archant

Ms Knowles said: "They've gone past me a few times now, telling people to take their masks off and get fresh air, that Boris is lying to us, that Covid is a hoax.

"One of them was just hanging out the window driving past with a megaphone. They only passed me once. I guess they have fuel to burn and various locations to attend.

"It seems silly and harmless, but some people could definitely take it the wrong way."

Norfolk virus expert Paul Hunter has in the past been keen to stress the safety of the jab and the importance of following coronavirus restrictions.

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The statistics show Norfolk is largely on the side of Covid rules and vaccinations.

Vaccine uptake and lockdown compliance across Norfolk and Waveney have been very high, with almost one-third of adults now having received both doses of the vaccine, and cases remaining below the national and regional average.

Carla Marie Burroughs heard the men with the megaphone in Tombland in the city centre while waiting for a bus last Saturday.

She said: "It looked like two youngish lads. They were in a flashy red sports car and pulled up by the people sitting outside Tatlers and the Giggling Squid.

"They started shouting down a megaphone for people to stop wearing masks, not to get the Covid vaccine and the whole thing was a government hoax.

Drayton Road, Norwich

The men reportedly drove up Drayton Road multiple times this week shouting through their megaphone - Credit: Google

"Nobody paid much attention to it. 

"It seemed harmless enough. It was a bit stupid but they weren't aggressively trying to get their point across.

"If someone had engaged maybe the outcome would have been different."

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