Before and after: How has Norwich changed over the years?

prince of wales road with mercy nightclub in 2009

How has the city changed over the years? - Credit: Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, we can take a look back through the years at how our city has changed. 

While these views allow us to look back to 2008, the most up-to-date images are from 2018 to 2019.

In more recent times, especially since the pandemic, Norwich is constantly shifting amid struggles on the high street and what is currently non-existent nightlife.

How could this affect the street view of Norwich in years to come?

We know that nightclub hotspots like Prince of Wales Road are ever-changing. We have seen Mercy, Fatso's, Liquid and many more come and go.

Since the pandemic began, high streets have taken a turn with major names such as Debenhams closing its doors. With the news of Boohoo will be relaunching Debenhams as an online-only operation, Red Lion Street could have a new occupant in the building in the future. 

Similarly, the Norwich branch of Outfit, owned by the Arcadia Group, has announced its closure this month. 

However, there is hope that on the other side of this pandemic, there will be opportunities for new businesses to emerge, especially with research suggesting Norwich may be among the cities least impacted by the pandemic due to its diversity within the job market. 

Also, our local businesses have continued business throughout the pandemic. Norwich Market has had some stalls open or delivering throughout the most recent lockdown. 

Local businesses can adapt quickly with providing services such as click-and-collect and takeaways. 

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