Satellite imagery has revealed the dramatic growth of homes in key suburbs and villages around Norwich in the last few years.

Google Earth images taken in both 2016-19 and 2021 show how green spaces have been built on to allow the construction of hundreds of homes in Cringleford, Hellesdon, Postwick and Sprowston.

The new developments are especially clear to see in Sprowston, where more than 1,000 houses have gone up on land off Blue Boar Lane since 2016.

At Cringleford, the village can be seen significantly expanding to the west and north, as a result of two sets of plans, each for 650 homes.

Those 1,300 new homes have permission in principle to be built, with some of them still in the process of receiving final sign-off for their layout, appearance, scale and landscaping.

In Hellesdon, part of a phased 1,000 home development on the Royal Norwich Golf Club can be seen going up in 2021.

In Postwick a Lidl supermarket, along with the clearing of land for a 66-bed care home and hundreds of new homes, have gone up.

Meanwhile at Horsford, the transformative effect of the Nest sports hub on the land is plain to see.