A Norwich business is opening its warehouse to the general public to ensure its stock does not go to waste.

John Killett and Martin Mather, who run the Cheese Shed on the Shepherds Business Park on Norwich Road, Lenwade, supply to businesses across Norfolk and have amassed such a stock due to customers closing temporarily in the wake of the coronavirus.

The business has instead decide to offer its products to the public to ensure it can pay some of its suppliers as trade is down on its busiest week.

Read more: Coronavirus: Fish and chip shop’s new idea to keep serving customersThe company posted on social media it would be opening its doors from 9.30am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The items will be sold at wholesale price and include blocks of locally produced cheddar, continental meats, dried pulses, rice and other goods.

Read more: Couple in dash to tie knot five minutes before coronavirus deadlineMr Killett said: “Due to the closure of local restaurants, pubs, cafes we have stock we need to sell in order to fulfil payment to our suppliers. We will be selling the followings goods at wholesale price to the general public.

“We have had lots of people calling saying they cannot get into a supermarket. People who cannot get to the supermarket can come and get things here.

“It’s heart breaking for me and for them [cafes, pubs, restaurants] they do not want anything because people are not going to pubs or restaurants. Some cannot stay open, laying off staff and staff are crying. It’s been horrendous and heart wrenching. I’ve been watching my business do down the pan in one week. It might give me enough cash flow just to pay some of my suppliers off. Mother’s Day is my busiest week of the year and it’s just gone. There are so many places this week that would have 300 bookings and they are shutting.”

Those unable to visit can also call John on 07880553872.

You can find the Cheese Shed at Unit 8 Shepherds Business Park, Norwich Road, NR9 5SG which is located just off the A1067 at Lenwade.

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