Thyngs lands partnership with Asian chain Wasabi

The smart-packaging created by Thyngs. Picture: Thyngs

The smart-packaging created by Thyngs. Picture: Thyngs - Credit: Thyngs

An ingenious piece of Norfolk tech will be going national thanks to a partnership with one of the biggest names in the fast-food world.

The QR code created by Thyngs. Picture: Thyngs

The QR code created by Thyngs. Picture: Thyngs - Credit: Thyngs

Asian food chain Wasabi will be launching its home bento range into supermarket Sainsbury's with a competition to win a trip to Japan.

And Norwich-based platform creators Thyngs have created the QR code and platform which will allow people to enter into the draw.

The QR codes will be placed on chicken katsu curry, thai green curry, sweet chilli chicken, tofu curry and chicken katsu yakisoba available in 200 of the supermarket's branches across the UK.

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The smart packaging will also allow Wasabi to interact more with their customers and learn about their preferences.

The analytics platform created by the Duke Street team can then tell Wasabi who is picking up their ready-meals at Sainsbury's and, as each competition entry code is unique, whether they are coming back for more.

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Thyngs chief executive Neil Garner, said: 'It is great to see Wasabi use Thyngs' innovative technology as part of its Home Bento promotion in Sainsbury's stores. Not only does it create an entirely new channel of engagement, but will also give Wasabi valuable insight into their customers and their preferences.'

The scheme follows on from the high street chain's use of Thyngs near-field communication (NFC) technology in the creation of its frictionless Wasabi Club loyalty scheme.

The app monitors not only in-store sales, but also those made through third-party retailers, thus allowing the brand to tailor future marketing campaigns to specific customer audience types.

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Andreia Harewood, senior marketing manager at Wasabi, said: 'With the exciting roll-out of our 'Home Bento, ready to heat' products to Sainsbury's stores, we were thrilled to be able to partner with Thyngs technology to enable our packaging promotion.

'We wanted a fantastic user journey to encourage our customers to enter our 'Win a Trip' competition and drive sales. Using Thyngs was a no brainer as we had already run a successful loyalty programme with them and knew they would deliver both great service, and fantastic returns.'

This isn't the first time Thyngs has landed a major contract on a national scale.

In November last year, the Movember campaign trialled Thyngs' NFC technology on its fundrasing badges, as well as having previously worked on campaigns with the Royal British Legion.