‘Good Morning Timberhill’: Bookshop reopens with a song

Dan and Leanne Fridd with member of staff Poppy Stevens. Picture: Archant

Dan and Leanne Fridd with member of staff Poppy Stevens. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A family-run bookshop in Norwich has thrown open its doors with a song as it welcomes customers back to the city centre.

Leanne Fridd and husband Dan have recorded their own version of a Hairspray classic – belting out ‘Good Morning Timberhill’ as shops reopen.

The pair, who run Bookbugs and Dragontales on the historic city centre street, said they wanted to “make people smile after such a miserable time”.

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The video posted on social media sees mum-of-four Leanne dancing up Timberhill, singing the lyrics adapted for our fine city.

She said: “We approach everything with a laugh. That’s not to say we’re laughing at the seriousness of what’s happened – far from it – but we wanted to try and do something positive and make people smile after what has been such a miserable time.

“Another thing is that a lot of people think about the Lanes and the brilliant things they can get there, and people sometimes forget about Timberhill and the brilliant and diverse businesses that are here.”

The bookshop, which specialises in children’s books but does carry adult works too, reopened this week to the delight of customers.

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“It’s been so lovely to have people back in the shop – even if it was a very soft opening. The thing with being an independent business is that the customers who come in know you, they become your friends,” said Mr Fridd.

As well as selling books the pair use the space to hold workshops for creative and educational classes.

Mrs Fridd said: “It’s so weird to have people coming into the shop and not being able to hug them. We’ve seen their babies grow up and come through our toddler sessions, and we haven’t seen them in months.”

She backed this paper’s campaign Love Local, which encourages shoppers to spend with independent and small businesses.

“What you get with us is that we really care. Our customers feel like our friends and we want to help and support them,” she said.