Botox boom because of Zoom calls - says doctor

Dr Ryan Taylor Norwich Aesthetics

Dr Ryan Taylor, who runs Norwich Aesthetics Clinic - Credit: Supplied

An aesthetics doctor has expanded into a new clinic in Norwich as a result of an increased demand for injectables.

And he reckons the reason for an upturn in people wanting Botox and fillers is because more are using Zoom and Teams calls during Covid.

Ryan Taylor Norwich Aesthetics Clinic

Is it time for your post-lockdown pick-me-up? Ryan Taylor, who runs Norwich Aesthetics Clinic is welcoming back customers. - Credit: Supplied

Dr Ryan Taylor, who runs Norwich Aesthetics Clinic, and who is also a doctor at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, has moved from renting small premises within Pampers beauty salon in London Street.

He has now opened his own plush clinic in 3, St Giles Street, converting a former business dealing in needles of a different kind when it was a tattoo parlour.

Ryan Taylor Norwich Aesthetics

Inside the new clinic - Credit: Supplied

He said: "The move was fuelled by demand for treatments. Over the last year I’ve had a couple of new clients getting in touch every day and it seems to be getting busier by the week. 

"I think it’s probably due to a few different factors. People have spent so much time in Teams meeting this last year as well as on FaceTime and Zoom to friends, I think it has made them more aware of their own faces. 

"Holidays are also still a real grey area at the moment and I think people are looking for a much needed pick-me-up are trying something new.

"The taboo and embarrassment surrounding aesthetic treatments has well and truly gone. So many new clients come to me via recommendation which just shows people are now happy to talk about the treatments they’re having."

Norwich Aesthetics

The waiting area in the new clinic - Credit: Supplied

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He offers a range of aesthetics including Botox, dermal fillers and an anti-ageing treatment called Profhilo.

He's now open after renovating the property, putting up a wall to create a waiting area and redecorating.

"Treatments are now designed to be subtle and natural looking. They either target areas that are in need of rejuvenation due to age related changes..the range and quality of the products now available have also helped bring aesthetic practice into an new era.

"It’s great because I’m now thinking about the future and expanding the clinic. I’ve recently taken on someone to help run the clinic which has been fantastic and I’m looking to add to the team so we can offer more in the way of general skin care."

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