A Norfolk man who struggled with undiagnosed ADHD for three decades has started his own food business after finally getting help with his condition. 

Daryl Dallas, 32, from Wymondham, was diagnosed with Adult ADHD, which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, last year. 

It gave him the confidence to follow his dream of starting a chilli jam and sauce brand in March 2023 called A.D.H.Delicious, which also raises awareness of the condition. 

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Mr Dallas said: "I worked in hospitality for many years and have always had an obsession with spice - the kitchen is where I have always been able to find my own headspace.

Eastern Daily Press: Couple Daryl and Laura at the A.D.H.Delicious stall at Wymondham Farmers' MarketCouple Daryl and Laura at the A.D.H.Delicious stall at Wymondham Farmers' Market (Image: Daryl Dallas)

"I have wanted to do this for ages, but until I got help and treatment for ADHD I didn't have the drive and focus to follow it through."

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He sends products across the country through his website and attended his first event on August 19 at the monthly Wymondham Farmers' Market, with the jalapeño chilli jam the bestseller.

The father-of-two added: "It went way better than I expected and I sold out of a few things - the organisers want me to come back." 

Visit adhdeliciouskitchen.co.uk to order online.