Norfolk's Countrysiders youth clubs are finally set to make their comeback next week after two years of closures forced by the Covid pandemic.

The junior branch of the Young Farmers' Club (YFC), aimed at children aged 10-16, was one of many social organisations which were curtailed by lockdowns.

But three of Norfolk's Countrysider clubs are re-opening on September 27 at Harleston, North Elmham and Wymondham, with a total of about 50 members.

The fortnightly meetings are run by volunteers, but overseen by the YFC county office, which is based at the Norfolk Showground.

The 2020 lockdown which closed the Countrysiders clubs also forced redundancies in the YFC's administrative team as activities ceased and income dwindled.

Norfolk YFC county organiser Alison Andrews, who joined in May, said it was not until earlier this year that the office team was fully back in place and able to support the Countrysiders' return.

"The clubs are ready and raring to go," she said. "It is just so exciting.

"It is the start of young people's journey to Young Farmers, and it is a wonderful opportunity for young people in the countryside.

"We have had so many enquiries from different areas, so we are hoping to get as many clubs open as possible, because the number of people wanting to get into it is huge.

"A lot of our Countrysider leaders were heartbroken when we closed so it means a lot to be back."

Norfolk YFC's new county chairman Henry Stanford added: "I think it is very positive.

"Countrysiders clubs provide a vital role in people's social life outside school, and they enable kids to develop social skills and talk to people more easily and interact socially better.

"That helps later in life, and in getting them to join Young Farmers clubs afterwards. It is a good thing for people, particularly in rural areas where there are not a lot of other social clubs or things going on."

  • For more information on Norfolk Countrysiders, call the YFC office on 01603 748931 or email