Barriers put across the entrance to a car park which has been closed during the coronavirus lockdown have been thrown down the side of a cliff.

The metal barriers were used to block entry to Pauls Lane car park in Overstrand, one of the North Norfolk District Council-run car parks which has been shut during the lockdown.

But Overstrand resident John Clark said he saw the barriers lying on the cliff face on Saturday, May 23.

Mr Clark said: “We were walking along the beach and looked up and saw the barriers.

“It’s dangerous because they could fall on someone below, and it’s also dangerous for whoever has to go up and retrieve them.

“These are big things - it must have taken more than one person to do.”

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Mr Clark said a temporary chain barrier had since been put across the car park’s entrance to keep people out.

Coastal villages such as Overstrand have seen a sharp rise in visitor numbers over the past few weeks after a slight easing in the lockdown restrictions means people can now drive somewhere to exercise.

But many car parks and public facilities such as toilets have remained shut as a way of discouraging visitors to communities where a large number of elderly and vulnerable people live.

It is unclear whether the barriers were moved in an act of senseless vandalism or if it was done by someone who wanted to park their vehicle in the car park.

Mr Clark added: “We’re all frustrated but you don’t do things like that.”

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A spokesman from the council said: “We can confirm there was unfortunately an act of vandalism at Overstrand car park at around 2.30am on Thursday (May 21) morning.

“As soon as we were aware we took measures to close off the car park again. It remains closed and we have referred the matter to the police.”

Norfolk police have also been contacted for a comment.