Foodie Friday: Strawberry desserts

Pascal Aussignac'’s strawberry tart.

Pascal Aussignac'’s strawberry tart. - Credit: Archant

With the recent spate of miserable weather, it's about time we remind ourselves what the British Summer is all about - sun, sea and strawberries. And although we can't guarantee the first two, we can however promise you that with The Great British Chef's two recipes, you'll be feeling summery in no time!

Talking - well, moaning - about the weather seems to be the stereotypical attribute that us Brits do best - and although we shouldn't let it define us, it's a topic that consistently surfaces in any given occasion.

So when we're presented with rain and grey skies like we have been over the past week, it's no wonder we all complain. And while we're not able to rely what the skies will present us with next, we can assure that you'll be able to rely on the superb quality of the recipes this week.

Why strawberries? Well let's face it; summer isn't complete without them.

Their long list of health benefits and their delicious taste make them one of the most popular fruits around. So what better way to put those grenades of flavour to good use, than with Adam Gray's soft lemon meringue and strawberry salad, and Francesco Mazzei's adventurous strawberry soup and mosto cotto.

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As always, we'd love for you to send in photos of your creations to us, which you can do via today.

• Don't forget to check back here next Friday to see what delights the Great British Chefs suggest next.

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