A north Norfolk fish and chip shop has received a boost ahead of the summer holidays by being named one of the UK's best.

No1 Cromer in New Street along the seafront features in a list in The Guardian by renowned food critic and writer Jay Rayner.

He has given his view of the 10 best value places to eat on the coast, where you can also get top notch food, based on places he has visited.

No1 Cromer is run by Galton Blackiston and Spencer Gray, with the head chef Matty Adcock.

Mr Blackiston is also behind the Michelin star-awarded Morston Hall.

His fish and chip business is a much more casual affair, with the option to sit in the newly-revamped restaurant or takeaway and enjoy on the beach, which is also cheaper.

Rayner said that it is "somewhat glossier than your average chippy" but that is "does the basics very well indeed".

He also praises its more unusual options such as cockle popcorn and battered brie and its Ice Cromer ice cream kiosk with 15 flavours.

No1 Cromer is also shortlisted in the Good Food Awards 2022, with voting open now.