Run Anglia: Why runners must pay special attention to the pelvis

Head of Physical Performance at Walk To Run, Charles Allen. Picture: Supplied

Head of Physical Performance at Walk To Run, Charles Allen. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Head of Physical Performance at Walk to Run, Charles Allen, discusses the importance of a strong pelvis for runners

The pelvis is a complex area which means there can be issues when running.

The need for symmetry in the body to achieve optimum balance and good posture is important when lowering the risk of injury from movement.

The pelvis is a bowl like structure and is a combination of bones that fuse in puberty plus tissue and muscles which allow stability for the spine.

An issue frequently seen is pelvic rotation, which can cause difference in leg length.

If the pelvis rotates backwards and upwards abnormally, one leg will appear shorter.

MORE: What to do if you suffer from knee painIf it rotates forwards and down abnormally, one leg can appear longer. You can often notice your stride will feel restricted or notice a loss in balance as you run.

If the pelvis is rotated a muscle called the piriformis, which is one of the muscles in the hip, can go into spasm.

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The body does this in an attempt to protect the pelvis, but the process can cause nerve tension, hamstring tightening and possible injury.

It is also possible that problems in the pelvis will lead to changes in the curves of the spine.

If the natural shape of the spine is altered it can lead to imbalances in muscle tension and tightness in the lower back.

It is important to never ignore lower back pain as, unless the original problem is treated, longer term conditions may develop.

The knee and foot can also be areas where problems can arise that actually relate to issues with the pelvis. This can change strike points and change loading angle at the knee as well as other issues.

MORE: Marathon training can become very addictiveMaking sure you have a strong pelvic floor, using a mixture of anti-spasm, stretch and muscle conditioning can often relieve many of the symptoms discussed above and will help you to find your natural balance.

If your natural balance is correct you will see improved stride length and more efficient movement.

You will also have the knowledge that you are protecting your body against further compensation that may lead to loss of form.

If you need assistance with such a problem, our team will be very happy to help.

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