Your Say - What should replace Dereham's Prezzo?

Former Prezzo in Dereham

Prezzo announced the closure of its Dereham branch earlier in the year. Since then, the site has been vacant. - Credit: Noah Vickers

In April it was announced that the Grade II-listed building formerly occupied by Dereham's branch of the Italian restaurant chain Prezzo had gone up for sale. Reporter Noah Vickers asked Dereham residents and shoppers what should replace it. 

Evelyn Websdale

Evelyn Websdale said she would like a branch of Marks & Spencer to fill the vacant restaurant space. - Credit: Noah Vickers

"I'd like a branch of Marks & Spencer," said Evelyn Websdale, 77, a cook who works in a care home and lives in Beetley. 

She said however that she was not optimistic about one coming, given the reports of M&S's job losses and shop closures.  "A decent clothes shop" would do instead, she said. 

Gina Cowel

Gina Cowel said she wanted to see a sit-down Chinese restaurant fill the space. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Gina Cowel, 59, a head chef who lives in Dereham said another restaurant should come in to fill the vacant space.

"A sit-down Chinese, because we haven't got one. That would be nice," she said. 

Geoffrey Stallion

Geoffrey Stallion said he would like to see a decent pie and mash shop move in. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Geoffrey Stallion, 67, who is retired and lives in Watton, said: "I think a pie and mash shop would be good, a decent one."

An alternative he suggested was a Thai restaurant. 

Steve Morton

Steve Morton, who restores classic cars, joked that he wanted to see a car parts shop move in to the vacant space. - Credit: Noah Vickers

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Steve Morton, 53, who lives in Litcham and restores classic cars, joked that a shop selling car parts would be handy.

He said the town needed "less takeaway food and less charity shops" and a shop selling "household ornaments" could be good in Prezzo's place.

"They need to make shopping on the high street more enjoyable," he added.

Anne Noel-Todd

Anne Noel-Todd said she liked Prezzo, and wanted to see it return. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Anne Noel-Todd, 74, who is retired and lives in Dereham, said "I quite liked Prezzo" and that she would like the restaurant, or a similar one, to come back where it was.