Council opposes new incinerator plan on Norfolk border

What the incinerator site in Wisbech would look like. Picture: SUBMITTED/ STEVE BARCLAY MP

An impression of what the proposed incinerator in Wisbech would look like - Credit: Steve Barclay MP

Councillors tonight agreed to oppose an incinerator planned for Wisbech.

West Norfolk's full council meeting agreed a motion from Michael de Whalley to support other authorities which oppose plans to build the burner on Algores Way.

MVV Environmental wants to build the £300m plant. The site is 750m from a secondary school, while the plan would have a 95m chimney - higher than the 65m West Tower at Ely Cathedral.

Mr de Whalley said the plant would be twice the size of failed proposals for an incinerator at Saddlebow, on the outskirts of King's Lynn. He said 65,516 people rejected the Lynn incinerator during a referendum.

Michael De Whalley, Green candidate for North West Norfolk at the December 2019 elections Picture

Michael De Whalley, who proposed a motion to oppose the incinerator proposed for Wisbech - Credit: Chris Bishop

Councillor Alexandra Kemp said the new proposals were a "devil on West Norfolk's doorstep".

Terry Parrish said an incinerator which "did the job properly" was the best solution. He said incinerators were not disastrous, if properly controlled. He added the biggest cause of air pollution was people burning wood on log burners.

Jo Rust said the council should continue for waste to be recycled, renewed and re-used. Charles Joyce said the council should support its neighbours.

Chris Morley said it was not a black and white situation and the council needed to take a wide view looking at emerging technology.

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Sandra Squire said she had mixed views as some of West Norfolk's waste was incinerated elsewhere.

Councillors agreed almost unanimously to support the motion, with one abstention.

Campaigners have launched the WisWIN (Wisbech Without Incineration) group in a bid to stop the build before it goes to the government for a planning decision at the end of the year.

They have the backing of North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay, who has described the scheme as "massively flawed" and "visually enormous".

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