Norfolk could be hotter than Athens next week

It's going to be warm this weekend across the region. Picture: James Bass.

The west of Norfolk could see highs of 27C next week. - Credit: James Bass

Warmer weather is forecasted to hit Norfolk for the second week of September.

Weatherquest, a forecaster based at the University of East Anglia, has predicted parts of the county to have hotter temperatures than Athens, in Greece, for some of the week.

The forecaster said: "We should be getting south-easterly winds over the weekend, so there'll be no change in the weather until Saturday.

"Friday will continue to be overcast, with highs of 19C, but temperatures should pick up over the weekend with parts of the west reaching 24C on Sunday.

"We should lose a lot of clouds by Sunday, and it's looking dry for most of the week."

Temperatures are supposed to rise even further during the week, with Wednesday hitting 26C in the west.

Comparatively, Athens is only predicted to reach 24C.

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There is a chance highs could reach 27C across the west of Norfolk.

The east of Norfolk will stay relatively cooler than the west.

Norwich should stay relatively dry for the rest of September, with rain levels remaining below average for this time of year.

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