What will the weather be like for Norfolk in September?

Sunny weather had decended on Norfolk - Bircham Windmill in the sun. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Sunnier spells could be expected next week in Norfolk - Credit: Matthew Usher

September is looking like it will be a relatively uneventful month for weather in Norfolk, according to a local forecaster.  

Adam Dury, of Norwich-based Weatherquest, said that there could be more unsettled weather later in the autumn but Norfolk is unlikely to see any "weather extremes" this month. 

"Currently, there is nothing to signal that there will be any weather extremes in Norfolk, and we can expect average temperatures and average rain fall in the region," he said. 

"It will be generally cloudy for the rest of this week but by the weekend and into next week we could potentially see temperatures rise slightly above average.

"We may have more sunshine next week, with temperatures reaching around 23C to 24C." 

The warmer weather could bring heavier rain and thunderstorms but will likely only be the odd spell, and rainfall expected to remain below average for the time of year.  

Currently there are no signs of deep areas of low pressure heading towards Norfolk, so the county will be unlikely to see strong winds.  

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