Warning fake 'Royal Mail' and 'DHL' scams are targeting Norfolk people

Scam email

Trading Standards officers in Norfolk have issued a warning about the scam emails and texts. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Watchdogs have issued a fresh warning to Norfolk people to watch out for scam texts claiming to be from Royal Mail and courier services.

Trading Standards officers at Norfolk County Council last month warned about scam texts claiming to be from Royal Mail - and said there had been further reports.

The texts claim people owe £2 unpaid shipping for a Royal Mail package, with a link to make that payment or 'actions will be taken'.

Fake Royal Mail text

People have been urged not to fall for the fake 'Royal Mail' texts - Credit: Norfolk County Council Trading Standards

But a spokesperson for Trading Standards said: "The messages will often claim that you need to act, for example requiring additional information or the payment of a small fee.

"These messages are not genuine and have no connection with the genuine company.

"Our advice is always be wary of claims made in unexpected messages and never click on any links or open attachments."

They say that the websites people are directed to may look genuine, but they are not.

They say they are fake versions which will attempt to gather people's personal and financial details.

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Trading Standards officers have also warned about an email claiming to be from courier company DHL.

That email contains the subject header 'Lost package id1363'.

DHL said:  "Attempts have been made to defraud internet shoppers by the unauthorised use of the DHL name and brand via email communications and graphics which appear, on the surface, to have originated from DHL.

"In most cases the communications concern the sale of consumer goods over the internet where payment may be requested before the goods are delivered.

"Please be advised that DHL does not request payment in this manner. DHL only collects money due for official DHL related shipping expenses."

Trading Standards said if people in Norfolk have received emails or texts which they believe to be a scam they can report it via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline, on freephone 0808 223 1133.

Texts can also be forwarded, including the phone number or claimed company name, to 7726 for free.