Warning over scam 'Aviva' automated cold calls

Aviva in Norwich. Pic: Archant

Trading Standards have warned people about scam cold calls claiming to be from Aviva. - Credit: Archant

Watchdogs have warned people about scam telephone calls claiming to be from Aviva.

Officers in Norfolk County Council issued the warning after receiving a number of reports about the automated calls.

The caller states there is an Aviva credit card payment pending for £900 and in order to cancel the payment people need to 'press 1'.

But Trading Standards officers said: "These messages are spammed out randomly to huge numbers of mobile numbers hoping to trick people into sharing personal details.

"The messages will often claim that accounts have been frozen, that money is about to leave the account or that there is fraudulent activity with the aim of panicking the recipient into reacting.

"Our advice is always be very wary of claims made during a cold call and never give or confirm personal or financial details unless you are 100pc sure you know who you are talking too."

And Trading Standards officers said people in the county are likely to start receiving calls from other financial services providers in the days ahead, as the scammers adjust their tactics.

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They said: "There is likely to be a range of this type of scam calls being made using the names of well-known financial service providers in the coming days and weeks.

"If you receive this or a similar call, our advice is hang up, wait five minutes and then contact the named company using the customer service number given on previously-received correspondence or on the genuine website or app."

Last week, Norfolk Trading Standards officers issued a warning about scam texts purporting to be from Royal Mail.

People can report scams via 0808 223 1133.