How you can see shooting stars over Norfolk this weekend

The Ursids meteor shower will peak this weekend. Photo: Getty Images

The Ursids meteor shower will peak this weekend. Photo: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Make sure to have your eyes to the skies as the Ursids meteor shower is on its way this weekend and will be visible over Norfolk.

The Ursids meteor shower is set to peak overnight between December 21 and December 22, bringing around five to 10 shooting stars per hour.

The shower appears once a year and is caused by particles of comet debris entering our atmosphere.

As the particles burn up they appear as shooting stars, creating bright streaks in the sky.

It gets its name from the constellation Ursa Minor where the meteors originate from - though they can appear anywhere in the sky.

The shower won't be anywhere near as dramatic as the recent Geminids shower, which boasted up to 150 multi-coloured shooting stars per hour, but sky gazers should still be able to spot a few bright tails.

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The shower will be visible to the naked eye and best seen in areas with low light pollution.

As astronomical events are always somewhat of a waiting game, the best way to catch the meteor shower is to wrap up warm and sit in a comfy chair outside.

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