'We would definitely go electric again'

Electric vehicle charging points are to be installed in car parks in South Norfolk. Picture: Getty

Electric vehicle owner would like to see more charging points. Picture: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The county has been set the challenge to massively increase the number of electric vehicles over the next 10 years. But what's it like to own one in Norfolk at the moment? One driver has spoken about his experience.

Rob Archer, a cycling instructor from King's Lynn, said he had not driven for some time before getting his electric car, a 10-year-old Mitsubishi. 

Despite the lack of range in the old car - around 50 miles - Mr Archer was positive about the experience but said it was just one tool in his arsenal.

“For shorter journeys, we would walk or cycle and if it’s a long journey we take public transport, the electric car is for those intermediate journeys – those 40-50 mile journeys," he said.

Another benefit Mr Archer has had with the electric car was being able to combine it with having solar panels, bringing journey costs effectively down to zero on a sunny day. 

However, Mr Archer said this was not something everyone would be able to benefit from, due to a lack of solar panels, or the driveway space to charge a vehicle.

When not at home, Mr Acher uses supermarket chargers but said they can be “a little bit sparse” in some areas, especially when he heads into Lincolnshire.

“I think for it to become mainstream then there needs to be an expansion of the network,” he said. 

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“However, electric it can only be a part of the solution [to climate change].

"There is a limited amount of materials, like lithium, and when those resources become sparse then prices will go back up again. 

“For most people, depending on their circumstances, we should be able to replace shorter journeys with walking and cycling, not everyone will be able to do that of course. 

“It’s deciding what’s best for the journey."

As we move away from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric, Mr Archer said he fully expected to see the tax benefits to be removed, possibly to be replaced with a road use charge – with per-mile charges being considered by the government, according to the Daily Mail. 

While Mr Archer’s car has a short range, other, newer electric vehicles have ranges that rival petrol or diesel, however, these tend to be expensive - a Tesla can set you back anywhere between £40,990. 

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