WATCH: Vet explains symptoms of deadly Parvovirus

A vets in Norwich has issued a warning about Parvovirus . File photo of a dog. Picture Janie Airey/G

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A Norfolk vet explains what Parvovirus is, the symptoms of the illness and what you should do if you think your dog has caught it.

Parvovirus is extremely contagious and spreads easily. Anna Giejda-Arnold, a vet at Norwich's Willow Veterinary Clinic, said symptoms start with lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhoea and can progress to dogs collapsing and experiencing disorientation.

The vet also said the first thing you should do if you suspect your dog has Parvovirus is to try to make sure they don't have any contact with other dogs as the virus spreads very easily. She also said you should call your vet as soon as you suspect a case of the disease.

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'I would mention when you call your vet that you suspect your dog might have Parvovirus,' said Ms Giejda-Arnold, 'Then we can think how likely it is that your dog actually has Parvovirus.'

The vet also revealed which dogs are most at risk of becoming ill.

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She said: 'The most vulnerable dogs are dogs which are not vaccinated and they don't have any immunity against the Parvovirus which usually means they are a younger animal.

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'The most vulnerable are puppies but any unvaccinated dog which has a contact with the virus can be susceptible to contracting the disease.'

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Vets recommend regular vaccinations to protect your pet against Parvovirus.

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