Election staff perform Macarena to get in the mood for PCC count

Dance vote counters at the Broadland and South Norfolk Council election counts

Dance vote counters at the Broadland and South Norfolk Council election counts - Credit: Broadland/South Norfolk Council

While elections are normally a serious business, two Norfolk councils decided to bust a move to get them in the mood.

Ahead of the count on Saturday morning, the Broadland and South Norfolk council teams decided to strut their funky stuff, performing the Macarena by Los del Rio.

The Macarena has long been a school disco staple, but this could be the first time it's ever been performed at an election count.

Trevor Holden, the returning officer for the councils said: "Last night we had a really good end to the day and the team were really buoyant.

"People had worked really hard, not just here but across the country.

"So one of the team said 'can we start the day with the Macarena?' and why not?

Returning officer Trevor Holden

Returning officer Trevor Holden - Credit: Neil Didsbury

"It's a really good way to start the day on what's been a long week for people that have worked hard to deliver this election.

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"Now we have to work out how we are going to end the day."

The footloose vote-counters were at the Norfolk Showground, getting ready to count the ballots for the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner.

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