What does the Conservative manifesto mean for you?

Prime minister Boris Johnson launching his general election 2019 manifesto - but what does it mean f

Prime minister Boris Johnson launching his general election 2019 manifesto - but what does it mean for Norfolk and Waveney ?PIC: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The Conservative Party has published the manifesto it hopes will power Boris Johnson back to Number 10 – but what is in it for the people of Norfolk and Waveney?

At the start of the election campaign the Eastern Daily Press published its own Manifesto for Norfolk and Waveney. So how does the Tories' effort match up?

The EDP published a list of 13 demands that would have a huge, positive impact on the region - and the people who live here. And when it was published it gained widespread, cross-party support.

The EDP focussed on aspects including the desperate need to dual the A47 and parity of esteem for mental health. The EDP also wants more affordable housing and protection for our farmers post-Brexit.

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The Conservative manifesto has been accused of being thin compared to other those published in previous elections. But the reason for that is the party's primary focus: Brexit. This is a document that puts leaving the European Union on January 31 at the forefront.

But there is plenty of other issues also addressed - including some cross over with the EDP's demands.

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One of the key issues in the Manifesto for Norfolk and Waveney was improving mental health care in the region. The Tory manifesto promises "to treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health. We will legislate so that patients suffering from mental health conditions, including anxiety or depression, have greater control over their treatment and receive the dignity and respect they deserve".

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Campaigners will welcome the words but will want to see more in-depth plans as to how the Conservatives hope to achieve this goal.

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The Manifesto for Norfolk and Waveney argues the A47 is not fit for purpose - but sadly there is no mention of the notorious road in the Conservative manifesto.

However Mr Johnson does pledge "we will have an infrastructure revolution for this country. Now is the time to invest in Northern Powerhouse Rail, and the Midlands Rail Hub, and so many more projects, as well as a massive programme of improvements for our roads".

On green issues this newspaper asked the political parties to "drive down carbon emissions by investing in public transport and cycle lanes". Although Mr Johnson is not as specific as that he does promise to "prioritise the environment in the next Budget, investing in the infrastructure, science and research that will deliver economic growth, not just through the 2020s, but for decades to come".

In his first week's in Downing Street Mr Johnson pledged to boost investment in schools. The EDP asked for a "longer-term promise ... to ensure classrooms have resources with a particular focus on children with special educational needs (SEN)".

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The manifesto makes specific reference to SEN students with an extra £780bn promised nationwide next year.

On the housing crisis the Conservatives promise the "delivery of hundreds of thousands of affordable homes". There is also specific reference to tackling homelessness which is a growing issue in Norwich.

Picking out some of his highlights from the manifesto, Tory candidate for North Norfolk Duncan Baker said: "Free hospital car parking for disabled people, frequent outpatients, gravely-ill patients and those carers of long-term patients. A commitment to continue to pressure for free television licences for over-75s with the BBC paying for them.

"And hugely for me, a three-point plan to fix social care with £1bn every year in extra funding, a red-line commitment that you never need to sell your home to fund care and scrapping the social care green paper with a pledge to work as a cross party group to fix social care for good."

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Chloe Smith, Norwich North Tory candidate, added: "The Conservative manifesto is good news for Norwich because it's proudly about increasing prosperity. We believe in grasping the future - and putting 'you' first in our democracy and all we do.

"On a poignant local note I really welcome the attention on domestic abuse in the Conservative manifesto, having campaigned alongside the family of murdered Kerri McAuley for improvements to our laws.

"I am campaigning hard for our NHS and people do want to see more doctors' appointments, more nurses, more capacity at the N&N. A sensible cross party consensus on social care is sorely needed."

Manifesto for Norfolk and Waveney

- Demand parity of esteem for mental health and finally get the mental health trust out of special measures

- Pledge to fight for full dualling of the A47

- Fight for more sustainable cash for our councils so crucial services can be provided

- Solve the social care crisis to improve care for our vulnerable and older people

- Increased scrutiny of rail performance, appropriate investment, better east/west links and pledge to make Norwich in 90 minutes the norm

- More funding to protect our erosion-threatened coastline

- An end to poor mobile phone coverage and better broadband to boost rural connectivity and business

- More affordable housing to be built while protecting Norfolk and Waveney's character and a guarantee of adequate provision where there are new builds

- Pledge to drive down carbon emissions by investment in public transport and cycling lanes

- Stamp out the scourge of county lines drugs gangs by increasing investment in a dedicated team of police officers

- Money for the 45,000 women in Norfolk and Waveney affected by changes to the state pension age

- A longer-term promise is needed to ensure classrooms have resources with a particular focus on children with special educational needs

- Norfolk and Waveney's farmers must get a commitment from government to a post-Brexit trading regime which prevents a flood of cheap imports

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