Council leader says he may write to MP over husband’s coronavirus beliefs

Chloe Smith and fiancé Sandy McFadzean. Photo: Bill Smith

Chloe Smith and fiancé Sandy McFadzean. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant © 2012

A Norfolk council leader has said he may write to the MP whose husband said coronavirus was a “mental illness” if his actions were repeated.

Alan Waters, leader of Norwich City Council. Pic: Archant

Alan Waters, leader of Norwich City Council. Pic: Archant - Credit: Archant

Sandy McFadzean, the husband of Norwich North MP Chloe Smith, attended a recent anti-face mask and anti-vaccination march in London where protesters carried signs against Covid-19 measures.

He also previously claimed on Twitter that the coronavirus pandemic was “most likely an outbreak of mental illness” and retweeted posts calling the government “globalist puppets”.

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In response, Ms Smith previously said: “My husband’s a private citizen. Everyone’s entitled to their own view, and to debate. I take a different view.”

But during a full Norwich City Council on Tuesday, September 22, council leader Alan Waters said Ms Smith’s husband’s actions “went beyond” that.

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Matthew Fulton-McAlister said: “While she’s not responsible for his actions, members may be aware that he’s condemned the wearing of masks in public.

“He’s called for the ending of social distancing and that makes her household incredibly high risk, where she will regularly be meeting members of the public in her constituency business. I’d like to ask Mr Waters if he’ll address this matter with her to identify how she’s going to make her household less of a risk.”

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The Labour council leader said: “The issue you’re referring to got a very significant airing in the local media, to the extent that the editor of the EDP and Evening News listed a series of questions he felt the MP should answer.

“An individual’s views are an individual’s views, but in the current circumstances with Covid and public health issues, that public health dimension is one that goes beyond saying ‘not my views’ or ‘my husband is entitled to his own views’.

“With the latest restrictions introduced by the prime minister intending to last for at least six months, nobody can be complacent. Everybody’s health is important.

“What I’m hoping for is that the coverage of this issue a few weeks ago has been sufficient for behaviours to be corrected.

“But what I will say I’ll do is I will reserve myself the right to write a letter to my MP, Chloe Smith, for Norwich North, to raise any issues if the same kind of public comments and public behaviours arise again.

“I’m hoping that the public comments have meant that the public safety and public health are uppermost in the minds of the MP and her family - which I’m sure they are.”

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