ITV News have published yet another eyebrow-raising picture, this time showing the prime minister raising a glass of fizz, and standing in front of a table with two bottles of champagne, four bottles of wine and half a bottle of gin, along with several members of Downing Street staff.

The pictures are from November 2020, when the nation was in lockdown and have been revealed as the Sue Gray report into parties at 10 Downing Street is due to be published.

But what do voters think? Local Democracy Reporter NOAH VICKERS hit the streets of Norwich to ask people for their reaction to the new image.

Rosie Reynolds, a 63-year-old housewife who lives in the city, said the new picture showed that the prime minister had "been naughty" but that it ultimately hadn't changed how she saw his position.

Eastern Daily Press: Rosie ReynoldsRosie Reynolds (Image: Noah Vickers/Local Democracy Reporting Service)

"No, I mean, I feel sorry for the people that lost people in the pandemic, but yeah, I think we've just got to carry on now," she said.

Rosina Ottewell, 69, retired and from Ettington, Warwickshire, said: "I'm not surprised and I think it's disgusting.

Eastern Daily Press: Rosina OttewellRosina Ottewell (Image: Noah Vickers/Local Democracy Reporting Service)

"I also think that the police have a lot to answer for here today, because the times they've let them off."

Asked whether she had become sick of the 'partygate' story, she said: "No, it is fundamental to our democracy. We can't trust the prime minister - we know that he's a liar and a cheat, and that goes to the very heart [of the matter]."

Alex Holland, 21, a student living in Norwich: "It's fully expected, it doesn't even feel newsworthy.

Eastern Daily Press: Alex HollandAlex Holland (Image: Noah Vickers/Local Democracy Reporting Service)

"He should resign, he should have resigned for all this earlier on. He's broken rules.

"He's been consistently misleading parliament. But there's no point chasing for him to step down, I don't want [Jacob] Rees Mogg stepping up - or any of them stepping up."

Ella Miller, 20 and also a Norwich student, agreed: "It's still a disgrace.

Eastern Daily Press: Ella MillerElla Miller (Image: Noah Vickers/Local Democracy Reporting Service)

"But I can't even call it outrage, because it's just continuous. It would be tiring to be outraged by it.

"He'll probably just get replaced by another liar though."

Dee Turner, in her mid 60s and working in a secondary school in Eastbourne, said: "The main thing is the fact that they were their rules, he's broken them.

Eastern Daily Press: Dee TurnerDee Turner (Image: Noah Vickers/Local Democracy Reporter)

"Many people didn't [break them], and many people didn't and many people didn't see their loved ones, people that died.

"There's people with mental health problems that were locked in for two years, because they followed the rules - that's the point."

Trevor Smith, 77, retired and from Loughton: "I think it's a bit tired and a bit corny, and a bit 'the same old story'.

"No one's perfect and there may be shortcomings in some fields, but it may be made up elsewhere."

He added that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer had also been captured on camera in an indoor setting with alcohol in his hand, while Covid restrictions were in place.