Park and ride buses pulled as firm prepares for driver sick leave

Park and ride services to Postwick are to be pulled. Photo : Steve Adams

Park and ride services to Postwick are to be pulled. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

A park and ride service will be taken out of action later this week - to free up drivers elsewhere across the network amid the coronavirus outbreak.

KonectBus, which runs the park and ride services in and out of Norwich has opted to suspend the Postwick park and ride service (route 5) from Friday, March 20.

A post on the provider’s website alerting people to the change says the decision was made to increase driver coverage on more frequently used services

It says “From Friday March 20, route 5 (Postwick P&R - Norwich) will be suspended until further notice. This is to ensure driver availability in order to provide a reliable park and ride service from other sites. Passengers who usually use Postwick P&R please use Harford P&R on the A47/A140 junction or Sprowston P & R. Passengers who use route 5 along Yarmouth Road, please use routes 5A/5B/5C instead.”

Meanwhile, the company has warned that as the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, further services could also be suspended or changes.

Elsewhere, Border Bus, another of the region’s providers, has scaled back its services, cancelling service between Norwich and the Waveney area.

The following 146 services have been cancelled until further notice:

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9.03am Beccles to Southwold

10.05am Southwold to Norwich

11.40am Norwich to Southwold

It comes after another bus company, Sanders Coaches, warned that it too could be forced to pull services and update its timetables as a consequence of the outbreak.