He has inspired hundreds of people across the UK to get fit for decades in his distinctive multicoloured outfits and positive attitude.

And now Mr Motivator MBE is teaming up with two Norwich experts - Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher and fitness coach Lou Hale - to boost the nation's health.

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher.Norwich Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher. (Image: Jenni Wilson)

He, along with 14 UK-wide independent experts in health and wellbeing, are sharing their knowledge through Mr Motivator's Club, with everything from pilates, zumba, yoga and strength conditioning to cookery and nutrition, mindfulness and music therapy.

It features pre-recorded online videos by the 14 motivators, as well as live sessions by Mr Motivator, and is aimed at everyone including the elderly, inactive and people with mobility and health issues.

Mr Motivator, 68, who rose to fame in 1993 through GMTV breakfast television workouts, said: "The club has been amazing. It is about creating a community so if people are feeling low we can lift their spirit to feel good and feel part of a family.

"I'm trying to get people into the habit of getting active. We have had so much interest. It is really catching on. People want to be uplifted."

He said the coronavirus pandemic had taught him the importance of health, as well as being able to see people face-to-face, having a roof over his head and food in his fridge.

The trainer wanted to reach out to NHS workers through his club, which runs through a monthly subscription basis.

"They have been so neglectful of their health because they have been caring for people. It is important to give them their down time."

Miss Fulcher, from Avenue Road, Norwich, who has taught Pilates in the city since 2009, said: "Mr Motivator is what his name is - a motivator. The videos are for everyone and no-one is excluded. The club makes fitness and wellbeing accessible to people who are isolated and don't want to go to the gym."

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich fitness coach Lou Hale.Norwich fitness coach Lou Hale. (Image: Lou Hale)

Miss Hale, from Old Catton, who trained as fitness coach in 2000, will be recording seated workouts for the elderly inspired by her work with older people at Riverside Leisure Centre.

She said: "The Mr Motivator's Club is plugging all the gaps in the fitness market and looking after people who are forgotten about."