‘We’re not meant to raise children on our own’ - Women team up to help new mums during lockdown

Sian Aldis, trained lactation consultant and holistic sleep coach, pictured in 2018 with her younges

Sian Aldis, trained lactation consultant and holistic sleep coach, pictured in 2018 with her youngest child Esme. Picture: Pennycress Photography - Credit: Pennycress Photography

New and first-time parents who are facing a gap in support after giving birth due to lockdown can get help after a pair of professionals teamed up.

Norwich Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher. Picture: Jenni Wilson

Norwich Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher. Picture: Jenni Wilson - Credit: Jenni Wilson

Your body, your baby - the postnatal series has been set up by Norwich Pilates teacher Christina Fulcher, who has trained in postnatal Pilates, and lactation consultant and holistic sleep coach Sian Aldis from Yelverton.

The pair are hosting free online sessions through Facebook every Sunday from 7.30pm which will answer questions from mums, who have children aged up to two, about their babies’ or infants’ sleep, returning to physical activity safely, pelvic floor exercises and breastfeeding.

It is hoped the sessions will help mothers to get to know other parents in similar situations, improve their emotional wellbeing, advise them on when to get alternative professional help and enable mothers to develop long-term friendships.

Miss Fulcher, from Avenue Road in Norwich, who has a five-year-old son, said she came up with the idea after some of her Pilates clients had babies at the start of lockdown and felt there was “a gap” in advice for new parents once they came out of hospital.

She said: “I hope we are able to do something to bridge the gap. It is about having the right information and being realistic. The live chats are done in an informal interview style. I have a passion for helping people with their bodies and Sian has a passion about infant feeding.”

Miss Fulcher added the sessions would help mums connect with each other.

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The Pilates teacher said: “Mental health is a big concern for everyone in lockdown. As a mum you have change of identity, especially if you are a first-time mum. Mum to mum relationships in the first few months are valuable. It makes a difference.”

MORE: ‘An especially frightening time’ - Support group set up for new mothers during lockdownMrs Aldis, 36, who has three children, aged two, eight and 11, said lockdown had prevented home visits from professionals and face-to-face support services.

She said: “As humans we are not meant to be raising children on our own. We need that community around us. It can be incredibly isolating for new mums.” She added the group offered informed quality, informed advice based on scientific evidence.

It was also a place where people would not be judged, she said.

To join the closed group search Your body, your baby - the postnatal series on Facebook.

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