'Planet ahead of party' - Greens reflect on election success

Green Party councillors Sandra Bogelein and Jamie Osborn

Green Party councillors Sandra Bogelein and Jamie Osborn - Credit: Archant

After growing support in local elections, Green Party councillors have reflected on their success and what they can do to build for the next election. 

“When you elected a Green councillor, you get a hardworking councillor,” said Jamie Osborn, a city councillor and soon to be a fresh face in County Hall

“I think people know that when you vote Green you get someone putting the public and planet ahead of party.” 

The route of the proposed Norwich Western Link road

The Green Party has pledged to fight the Western Link expansion - Credit: Norfolk County Council

The May 6 elections saw three Norwich seats turn red to green - the first time County Hall has had Green councillors since 2017 - and the party regained a city council seat from an independent.

Mr Osborn’s comments were echoed by Sandra Bogelein, the group’s leader on the city council, who said: “We have picked up seats across the country, people have seen how urgent the climate emergency is - if you want green, vote Green."

Both councillors said they expected the party to do even better at the next election.

Sandra Bogelein, Green Party group leader and city councillor for Mancroft ward. Pic: Green Party.

Sandra Bogelein, Green Party group leader and city councillor for Mancroft ward. Pic: Green Party. - Credit: Green Party

"There were some seats that were quite close and Greens will be looking to those next year," Ms Bogelein said.

“We have got lots of supporters coming to us [wanting to help] so I’m hopeful that we are on an upwards trajectory. 

“People really see that we are an alternative, that you can get Greens elected.  

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“As soon as people see it is possible then people will see the work we do and we can build from that.” 

Green Party councillor Jamie Osborn. Photo: Jamie Osborn

Green Party councillor Jamie Osborn. - Credit: Jamie Osborn

Mr Osborn said there had been a “green surge” across the UK, in part because of the party’s focus on environmental issues

“The Greens are the party that is consistent on trying to address the issue - and it has all been based on the science,” he said. 

“We also show a positive vision of the future. People have had a tough time during the pandemic but I think the Greens are offering change, and the possibility to restore the economy sustainably.” 

While the environment is a key concern for the party, Mr Osborn said voters were also excited by their other policies - for example, their push for universal basic income, and mental health policies.

He added: “We need that change, that positive vision for the future.” 

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