Norwich City Council Elections 2021: Full Results

The Norwich election count.

The election count took place at St Andrews Hall in Norwich. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

Labour remain in control of Norwich City Council following the election count.

The only change was that the Greens won in Thorpe Hamlet, which had been vacant since former Green Nigel Utton went independent and then resigned.

The political make-up at City Hall is now Labour 27, Greens nine and the Liberal Democrats three.

These are the results in the Norwich City Council election:

Key: C - Conservative, G - Green, I - Independent, L - Labour, LD - Liberal Democrats, Bold indicates the winner. * Indicates the sitting councillor.

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Bowthorpe: Sean Bennett (LD) 132, Joshua Lowe (C) 662, Sue Sands * (L) 1173, Jonathan Watson (I)  LAB HOLD. Turnout: 32.8pc.

Norwich city councillor Mike Stonard. Pic: Archant.

Labour's Mike Stonard held Catton Grove. - Credit: Archant

Catton Grove: Jonathan Gillespie (C) 941, Nigel Lubbock (LD) 99, Tony Park (G) 346, Mike Stonard * (L) 1253. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 33.8pc.

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Crome: Steve Barber (C) 1065, Judith Ford (G) 358, Adam Giles * (L) 1217, Samuel Neal (LD) 88. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 36.5pc.

Eaton: Jane Saunders (G)463, Chris Smith (L) 1004, John Ward (C) 1004, James Wright * (LD) 1963 LIB DEM HOLD. Turnout: 56.7pc

Lakenham: Paul Davies (LD) 254, Rachel Everett (L) 1325, Robert Hammond (C) 778, Sabine Virani (G) 435. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 36.4pc

Green city councillor Martin Schmierer. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Green Martin Schmierer held Mancroft. - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

Mancroft: Craig Harvey (C) 379, Martin Schmierer * (G) 1538, Jo Smith (L) 847, Alan Wright (LD) 62. GREEN HOLD. Turnout:40pc.

Mile Cross: Fiona Dowson (G) 254, Eric Masters (C) 593, Vaughan Thomas * (L) 1124, Ian Williams (LD) 100. LAB HOLD. Turnout:28.5pc.

Lucy Galvin. Pic: Paul Harrison.

Green Lucy Galvin won in Nelson. - Credit: Paul Harrison

Nelson: Lucy Galvin (G) 2434, Lynda Groves (L) 1647, Iain Gwynn (C) 352, Erlend Watson (LD) 114. GREEN HOLD. Turnout: 54.1pc.

Sewell: Postponed until June 17 after candidate's death.

Thorpe Hamlet: Ash Haynes (G) 1281, Jeremy Hooke (LD) 124, Simon Jones (C) 588, Claire Kidman (L) 1055, Ash Smith (I) 51 GREENS TAKE VACANT SEAT. Turnout: 37.9pc.

Town Close: Nick Caistor (G) 775, Mary Chacksfield (C) 792, Jacob Hamilton (LD) 258, Ian Stutely * (L) 1942. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 46.7pc

Emma Hampton, new Labour city councillor for Nelson. Pic: Labour Party.

Labour's Emma Hampton won in University ward. - Credit: Labour Party

University: Carol Chilton (LD) 142, Emma Hampton (L) 1315, Tom Holloway (G) 506, Henry Lynn (C) 483. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 32pc.

Wensum: Liam Calvert (G) 808, Gordon Dean (LD) 99, David King (C) 606, Martin Peek * (L) 1349. LAB HOLD. Turnout: 34.4pc.

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