Female peregrine falcon lays first egg of nesting season at Norwich Cathedral

The first peregrine egg at Norwich Cathedral was laid at 3pm today.

The first peregrine egg at Norwich Cathedral was laid at 3pm today. - Credit: Archant

Norwich's female peregrine falcon has laid her first egg of this mating season at the cathedral nest box.

The recent warm weather means the Norwich Cathedral peregrines have been well into their pre-nesting season rituals and the birds had prepared two nest 'scrapes' in the gravel of their nest box 80m up the spire of the cathedral. Today, just after 3pm, the female peregrine laid her first egg.

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The Hawk and Owl Trust said the pair had been visiting the nest box more frequently, calling loudly to one another while the male 'swaggers' at the female.

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They have also been seen mating, even on camera, and the male has been bringing his mate prey offerings, demonstrating to her that he is both willing and able to provide for her and any chicks that might come along.

Nigel Middleton, Hawk and Owl Trust conservation officer for the East, said: 'She's been showing all the signs over the past few days so we thought it wouldn't be long.

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'Normally the first egg comes in the early hours of the morning so it's a bit of a shock for it to arrive in the afternoon but it's fantastic news.'

The trust is expecting the female to lay around three to four eggs, laying one every 48 hours.

The chicks will hatch in about 30 to 33 days' time.

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