Norwich Cathedral Falcon Cam

The nesting platform was installed by conservation charity the Hawk and Owl Trust in February 2011 with volunteer help from Norwich firefighters during their time off. There was also close consultation with the Cathedral Estates Manager and Cathedral Architect to ensure the fabric of this historic building was not damaged.

The picture you are viewing is updated every minute and comes from the platform on the Cathedral spire 250ft above the streets of Norwich.

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Please note: If you are planning to visit the Cathedral there is no parking at the Cathedral itself. The nearest public car park is Bishopgate, or try the airport park and ride.

Norwich Cathedral Peregrines is a partnership between the Hawk and Owl Trust and Norwich Cathedral to provide a pair of wild peregrine falcons with a suitable nesting platform.

Partnership between: Hawk and Owl Trust and Norwich Cathedral

This project is being supported by:

Sponsored by: Archant, iCatcher, Viking, Syngenta, M+A PArtners, WiSpire and Wild Sounds

In memory of the late Mr Ray Rogers of Norwich.

Hawk and Owl Trust Stories

A young female peregrine, toting an orange colour-ring with the identification letters ‘DP’, lands at Norwich Cathedral. The Hawk and Owl Trust is monitoring the birds.

Video: Intruder in the nest! Female peregrine pecks at unguarded Norwich Cathedral eggs

A peregrine intruder caused a flap at Norwich Cathedral, taking over a nest of eggs while the male was gone.

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