Future Voices: Tops tips on what to do - and what to avoid - when you go back to school

Top tips as students prepare to go back to school.

Top tips as students prepare to go back to school. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press, Archant

We all know that dismal feeling when the summer holidays draw to an end, and the first day of school is creeping closer. We know we should start thinking of getting into the routine again and make the extra effort to be organised, yet it's easier to forget about it and just worry the night before.

Whether you're moving into the next year group, beginning your GCSEs or A-Levels, or even starting a whole new school, the thought can be daunting.

According to Shift Happens 2014, only 38pc of secondary school students in Britain look forward to going to school. Reasons for this could be because we naturally fear new things, and knowing that if we don't like it, there's nothing we can do about it. This could be a fear of meeting new people, asking for help, difficulty of work or even things like getting lost.

Although many pupils feel helpless and alone, there are lots of simple things you can do to help yourself and shift the worry.

So, what should you do and not do?

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You should:

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n Make the effort to talk to new people and get to know them – This is the best way to make friends, just be polite and kind, and you can't go wrong.

n Be yourself – Don't try to be what you aren't, because you'll end up in a group of friends where you don't feel comfortable, and people will soon realise that you're pretending.

n Focus on learning – This is the reason you're at school, so don't waste time.

n Be positive and learn from the experience – Your whole life will involve adapting to new environments, meeting new people and learning skills (unless you plan on hiding forever), so this is just the start.

You shouldn't:

n Stand in the corner by yourself – Make the effort to talk to people and be confident; first impressions count.

n Worry about irrational things – Deal with it as it comes, otherwise you'll get caught up.

n Don't be afraid to ask for help – That's what the staff are there for... You aren't expected to know everything or be able to find your way round on your first day.

n Don't leave anything until the last minute – Be organised and prepared, otherwise you'll be more stressed.

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Tallulah Self, 15 Hellesdon High School

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