'Audio love letter' to Norwich culture venues we've missed in lockdowns

Norwich Castle Museum 

Norwich Castle is one of the venues taking part in the Echoes audio project - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

A new audio project has been set up in response to the closure of creative and cultural venues across Norwich during the covid lockdowns. 

The Echoes Project has been launched by Norwich duo Carl and Louise Cole of Liminal Creative who have spent four months working on the initiative

This began on March 19 as part of the remote Fringe Festival in the city, and it has been described as "a kind of audio love letter" to the places which have been so sorely missed throughout the pandemic. 

Carl Cole working on the Echoes Project for Norwich cultural venues

Carl Cole working on the Echoes Project for Norwich cultural venues - Credit: Submitted

Working with five partner venues and eight artists from Norwich and beyond, the duo, who are not related, set about creating a series of audio works which could be recorded within the buildings, but accessed safely by solo participants outdoors.

The landmark venues who have supported this project are St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Castle, Norwich Playhouse Bar, the Bicycle Shop and Norwich Arts Centre.

Using layered sound and music as a base for narrative, performers interweave storytelling with song to take listeners on a journey.

Participants are encouraged to take a moment out of their busy lives to reflect on what happens when they stop and listen. 

Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the same used for contactless payment such as Apple Pay, participants will access this new audio installation using their smartphones, and will be able to listen on headphones as they move from one venue to the next.

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Ms Cole said: “It’s important for us that people use this opportunity to connect with these venues in a safe and responsible way, so we are asking that people respect social distancing and do not gather outside.

Louise Cole of Liminal Creative who has created the Echoes Project for Norwich Fringe with Carl Cole

Louise Cole of Liminal Creative who has created the Echoes Project for Norwich Fringe with Carl Cole - Credit: Submitted

"We’ve created a suggested route, but people may wish to break the experience up over multiple visits." 

This is the first phase of the project which is set to open up more accessible options over the next few months as covid restrictions ease.

Echoes Project will be hosted by Louise and Carl Cole for Norwich Fringe Festival

Echoes Project logo - Credit: Submitted

Liminal Creative are working with BBC Voices to bring a five part documentary to radio as well as captioned videos and sign language versions.

The project is a free event and does not require advance booking. Visit www.liminalcreative.co.uk/ for more information. 

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