Catalytic converter stolen from hospital worker’s car in broad daylight

Catalytic converters were stolen from two cars at Costessey Park and Ride on the same day in broad d

Catalytic converters were stolen from two cars at Costessey Park and Ride on the same day in broad daylight. Picture: Norfolk Police - Credit: Archant

Police are investigating after catalytic converters were cut off of two parked cars in broad daylight.

The Costessey park and ride site. Photo Google.

The Costessey park and ride site. Photo Google. - Credit: Archant

Thieves targeted two cars parked in the Costessey Park and Ride at some point during the day on Wednesday, February 26.

One of the vehicles targeted was a Honda Jazz owned by an NHS worker at the nearby Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, who regularly uses the park and ride facility.

The catalytic converter was stripped from her car while she was at work.

The victim, who did not want to be named, said: "I work at the hospital and regularly park at the Costessey Park and Ride. Today I had my catalytic converter stolen from my car, a Honda Jazz, while I was at work.

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"As I was waiting for recovery another rescue van came in and it had happened to another driver of a Jazz too.

"I was unfamiliar with this crime, but apparently this is a common practice."

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Catalytic converters control exhaust emissions by cleaning the toxic gases created by car engines, and usually contain precious metals attractive to thieves.

They often contain rhodium, the price of which has rocketed over the last six months and is currently trading for more than £10,000 per ounce - more than eight times the current value of gold.

Other valuable metals often found in them can include platinum, copper and palladium, making them an ideal target for thieves.

As recently as last September, police urged motorists to be vigilant and mindful of vehicle security after a spate of catalytic converter thefts.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said: "Police were called to the Costessey Park and Ride following reports of a theft between approximately 8.30am and 5.30pm on Wednesday, February 26.

"A catalytic converter was stolen from a Honda. Enquiries are ongoing."

Davina Langley, marketing manager at Go East Anglia, which runs the Costessey Park and Ride, said: "We have put on extra patrols at all of our park and ride sites - not just the one at Costessey - after these incidents.

"We are working with the police and the council to help ensure the safety of our customers and their property."

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