Murderer took police to where he had killed his former friend

Police custody image of Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes - Credit: Norfolk Police

Police have revealed how Andrew Forbes was quick to tell them he had murdered his old friend.

Police cordoned off part of Drayton Road and St Martins Road after a man died in Clapham Wood nearby

Police cordoned off part of Drayton Road and St Martins Road after a man died in Clapham Wood nearby. Photo: Stuart Anderson - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Forbes and Daniel Littlewood, who lived in a supported living centre for people with mental health problems in the Crome Road area of Norwich, had gone to Clapham Wood, off Aylsham Road, to take drugs.

The two fell out over something Mr Littlewood had said to Forbes about a staff member who used to work where they lived who Forbes had been fond of.

Forbes then hit Mr Littlewood over the head with a brick or piece of cement before leaving his friend to die.

On Tuesday Forbes, 39, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12-and-a-half years to be served after he previously admitted murder following an "explosion of violence" last summer.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Gray said: “They were friends, they lived in close proximity to each other and they were out earlier that night together as friends.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that at some point they partook in taking drugs which led to the disagreement they had."

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Gray has appealed for information following the fatal stabbing of a w

DCI Phil Gray - Credit: Archant

He added: "When police arrived he said what he had done and took us to where we found Daniel.”

Forbes also provided an open account during interview about what had happened and that he “wasn’t happy with comments Daniel had made”.

DCI described Forbes’ candour as “very unusual” particularly in light of having committed an offence as serious as murder.

He said: “I’ve never experienced someone being quite so open with what they had actually done in respect of a murder from the get go.”

He added: “He assisted us on the morning of his arrest in indicating where Daniel was and then giving us a full account.

“He took us to the body and was quite open and honest with what he had done, telling us he had hit him over the head with a concrete brick.”

Nevertheless, Forbes' honesty in the aftermath of what happened did not make up for or excuse his actions.

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DCI Gray said: "It was a shocking, violent, unprovoked attack by Forbes on Mr Littlewood.”

Although it is not known how many times the victim was struck over the head, DCI Gray said the injuries sustained point to the fact Mr Littlewood was “hit more than once”.

And despite his honesty in telling police what had happened to Mr Littlewood, Forbes appeared not to be upset.

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