Top 10 free apps for small business

In 2012 we will see apps continue to grow, moving away from a just mobile use to work in your browser and on your desktop. This article covers 10 business apps we can't live without. But these are just ten from an ever-growing list. What have we missed? Add your suggestions below.

1 Google Docs

Google has been making headway in the business sector for the past two years. The Google apps service is aimed at all sizes of business, offering email, calendar and document management to entire companies,using your domain instead of ''

Google Docs is one of the most important, and growing elements of this service. In essence Google docs replaces the need for expensive Office installations allowing you to write documents, create presentations and develop spreadsheets within your browser. The instant saving and full document history has saved many a grey hair for this writer.

Please note, the free service is available but hard to find on the pricing page.

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2 Dropbox

Dropbox stores all your files in the cloud. On installation, Dropbox becomes another folder on your computer, synchronising with your account in the cloud. Your files are then accessible on the web and on any other device you install the app.

3 Evernote

Evernote works to manage just your documents, reading and indexing them for easy access The download app allows you to store documents, photos and notes synchcronsing them in the cloud to allow you access anywhere. The smart elements of Evernote 'read' your documents including PDFs, allowing you to search for the content of an article, not just the filename.

4 Greplin

With emails in Gmail, Files on Dropbox and notes in Evernote you may rapidly struggle to find what you need. Enter Greplin, a relatively new app that connects all your cloud based storage allowing you to search from one central location.

5 Dragon Dictation

Much of this article was started using Dragon Dictation. A free app for the iPhone, Dragon listens while you talk into the app, translating your spoken thoughts into words on the screen. From there you can make basic corrections before sending it as an email, a tweet or saving it as a document. The high degree of accuracy and ease of sharing content makes this a great productivity tool.

App Store 'Dragon Dictation'

6 Tungle Me

Have you ever tried to organise a meeting with two packed diaries? Or spent a day emailing back and forth with availability? Tungle Me takes the pain out of meeting organisation by allowing you to share availability without giving out your diary or specific meeting details.

Tungle Me works with your existing calendars updating with new bookings, ensure no double bookings and even managing your timezones when travelling.

7 Mailchimp

In business today, there is really no excuse for sending a corporate mailing or newsletter from your outlook account. MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. A mobile app allows you basic list management and access to campaign reports.

8 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck allows you to view and update multiple social networks in one place. With quick set up you can monitor updates from Facebook and Linked and manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place. This simple app allows you to post updates to multiple social networks at once making it easier to keep your social presence fresh.

9 Linkedin

Linkedin is the premier business networking site. The mobile app is a perfect compliment to the website allowing you to update your profile, read the latest headlines from your connections and to seek out new people. Great for conferences and business on the move.

10 ReaditLater

ReaditLater puts a small icon into your web browser. Clicking 'read it later' on any web page or article of interest saves the article is saved to your account. Opening up the mobile app will sync your reading list allowing you to 'timeshift' your reading. This app helps your productivity, shifting reading or research to a more convenient time.