Co-working space for freelancers to be opened in central Norwich next year

The Nave in Norwich. Picture: Adam Davis

The Nave in Norwich. Picture: Adam Davis - Credit: Adam Davis

A creative co-working space in the heart of Norwich will be seeking tenants next year.

The Nave, part of St Simon and St Jude Church at the bottom of Elm Hill, has been transformed into flexible office space for freelancers in the city.

The space comes with wifi, a Skype room and kitchen, with weekend access available.

Jack Lowe, the artistic director of theatre company Curious Directive, has led the project and said: 'As someone who spent a good few years of my early career working from a laptop in an isolated flat, I'm really excited to make this offer to freelancers and really anyone in the heart of Norwich looking to make a change to professionalise their workspace or re-evaluate where they want to work.

He added: 'When I pitched the idea to the UEA 'Grow It' fund, the most important aspect for me was that it was affordable. At £68.50 per month, we're offering something which isn't corporate – it's social enterprise.'

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