Swallowtail Print is born from merger

Two Norfolk print firms have completed their merger unveiling a new name to mark the start of the new venture.

Swallowtail Print has been formed following the tie-up between Norwich Colour Print and Crowes.

The new company will be one of the largest print businesses in the eastern region and the merger is being seen by both sides as a strategic move forward providing the opportunity for new growth and to develop a strong long-term position in the market.

It will be based at the former Norwich Colour Print's premises in Drayton, near Norwich.

Both Adrian Mann and Simon Tilbrook will take on roles of joint managing directors to oversee the smooth transition and integration of the two merged companies.

Mr Mann said: 'We are delighted to have completed the merger and are excited by the great potential that we have now created. The merger of our two former businesses is logistically quite a challenge.

'However we are delighted by the positive attitude and commitment of our staff who are all working hard to make sure our customers receive an uninterrupted service.

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'Once the new business is functioning fully at the Drayton site, I will step down as joint MD and take up my role as sales director while continuing to maintain active involvement in the management of Swallowtail Print.'

Mr Tilbrook said: 'The announcement of the merger has already attracted new business which is very positive.

'And with the planned investment in new technology, our commitment to quality and value, our professional and dedicated staff, we aim to be the best print company in the eastern region.'

The move marks the end of an era for Crowes, which started life printing handbills of hangings at Norwich Prison more than 200 years ago and is currently based at Norwich International Airport Industrial Estate. Norwich Colour Print, a family-owned company was established in 1985