Royal Norfolk Show Grand Ring timetable - Day Two

Sgt Dave Worboys from Sheringham who was the first of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team into th

Sgt Dave Worboys from Sheringham who was the first of the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team into the Grand Ring at the Royal Norfolk Show. Photograph Simon Parker - Credit: Archant

Highlights of Thursday's Grand Ring programme from the second day of the Royal Norfolk Show.

10.20am RAF Falcons Parachute Display

The RAF Falcons Freefall Parachute Team's parachute jump at is a popular favourite of the showground's annual show.

The team free-fall for seven seconds before pulling out their canopies at about 5,000ft, and travel at 1,000ft per minute under their canopies. The square parachutes have a potential forward speed of 25mph and are steered using toggles.

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10.35am Norfolk Salutes... Norfolk Community Champions with the Band of the Parachute Regiment

The Parachute Regiment was formed on 1st August 1942, however, it did not have any musical support until 1947. At this time the 1st and 2nd Battalion bands were formed in Aldershot and a 3rd Battalion band was formed a year later from newly recruited musicians. All three bands accompanied their respective battalions providing musical and medical support wherever they were stationed. The band has been through various reorganisations culminating in the formationof the Corps of Army Music and today's Band of the Parachute Regiment under the command of a commissioned Director of Music.

11am The Kangaroo Kid

This world famous rider from Australia is known for doing things differently, whether it's wheelies, jumping over aircraft or through hoops. The tricks he can make his quad bikes perform are inspiring.

2.30pm It's a Spuds Life! NORMAC Display

Some of the biggest machines seen on Norfolk's fields will be in the Grand Ring too, with a unique demonstration to show how potatoes get from field to roast dinner, chips or crisps.

The Grand Ring is to be transormed into a potato field and spectators will watch everything from fertilising and spread to planting, irrigating and harvesting. With Norfolk potato growers producing nearly 13 per cent of the six million tonnes of potatoes grown in Britain, it's a seriously big business.

The show by NORMAC (Norfolk Machinery Club) features some phenomenal ground-shaking machinery, some of the big guns from farming's agricultural equipment line up.

It's something truly different and new for the Grand Ring, an amazing demonstration to illustrate the potato's Norfolk life from farm to fork.

4.45pm The Kangaroo Kid

6.10pm RAF Falcons Parachute Display

6.25pm Band of the Parachute Regiment and Closing Ceremony