People from Norwich among most generous tippers when on holiday

People from Norwich are among the UK's most generous tippers when on holiday. Picture: Niall Carson/

People from Norwich are among the UK's most generous tippers when on holiday. Picture: Niall Carson/PA Wire - Credit: PA

People from Norwich are among the most generous tippers when holidaying overseas, a survey of people in 17 major UK cities suggests.

Norwich was ranked at number seven on the list, for which more than 2,000 people were surveyed about their tipping habits in terms of taxis, bars, housekeeping and restaurants when overseas.

Across the survey, 7.4pc of people said they never tip while on holiday while 13.6pc always tip regardless of the service.

Nearly a fifth (18.9pc) of people surveyed will add a tip if the service has been exceptional.

More than one in 10 (12.6pc) tip because it is expected - but do not like doing it - while 10.4pc tip based on the quality of the food they have eaten.

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One in six (15pc) people surveyed said they will not tip if a service charge has already been added.

The most generous were people who live in Glasgow, while Bristolians were the tightest tippers.

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Alana Parsons, a travel money expert at Caxton FX, which carried out the survey, said: "For some, it will come down to lack of spending money which stops them tipping staff while others who may have friends or family working in the service industry appreciate how valuable those gratuities can be.

"One key driver for not tipping that came out in our research is that people don't know if the tips go to the staff or just boost the profits of their employer, with 23pc citing this as a reason for not tipping."P

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