Norwich business inspiration came from meals with a healthy twist

Former University of East Anglia student Kate Price has turned her own struggle with weight and poycystic ovarian syndrome into a start-up business.

The 28-year-old has taken over a small commercial unit in the old fish market in Norwich last year and after renovating it she started her business Healthy Twist in February 2011.

Ms Price worked in the hospitality industry after travelling the world, but became disillusioned with the quality of the food she was being asked to serve.

She now cooks healthy meals and then freezes and delivers them within a 30-mile radius of Norwich.

Ms Price currently has 20 regular customers hopes to turn over �48,000 next year. She said: 'I've always been passionate about food from as young as I can really remember. I loved the way it brought my family together and despite having left home over ten years ago, my mum still has a special spot reserved in the kitchen where I always sat as a child when we cooked together.

'Travelling abroad was where I became a little obsessed with fresh vegetables and fruit. Living in tropical North Queensland, we had access to farmers markets that stocked an array of products I'd never even seen before and I was desperate to cook with everything and anything which meant trips home from the market with very heavy canvas bags every weekend. I don't think I'd ever been so healthy in my life and I felt great for it.

'When I returned, the issue of obesity was really playing on my mind and going back to the UK hospitality industry and having to serve up microwaved frozen meat, greasy chips and copious amounts of alcohol finally broke me. I decided that I had to do something different and that something would benefit other people in the way that I felt I'd benefited from the knowledge I'd gained on my travels.

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' I have been both under and over weight in my time and have yo-yoed on just about every fad diet going. My partner, Matt also used to be obese himself and we both used our knowledge of nutrition, and in his case weight lifting as well, to get healthy and stay that way. I began to start making our meals in bulk on my days off and spent hours researching and changing recipes so that we could eat the foods we loved without them being bad for us.'

Ms Price has worked with organisations such as eating disorder charity B:EAT, Broadland District Council's Broadly Active exercise referral scheme and Norfolk Council as well as so many great individuals.

Ms Price is hoping to expand the business and find larger commercial premises to buy.