Is Norwich really one of the UK’s worst places to earn a living?

A view over Norwich from Mousehold Heath. Picture: Antony Kelly

A view over Norwich from Mousehold Heath. Picture: Antony Kelly - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2007

Norwich has been ranked as one of the worst places to earn a living in the UK.

According to a new study, which takes into account factors like pay, mortgage repayments and the cost of living, the fine city was 50th out of 59 cities for earning power.

The perhaps surprising finding comes from credit monitoring service TotallyMoney, which thinks it has devised a definitive method of working out how well off people are.

Using measures including median monthly take-home pay, average monthly mortgage repayments and unemployment levels, the company has crunched the numbers to uncover the 'best' and 'worst' places to earn a living in the UK.

It ranks Norwich as the 10th worst place to earn a living, with two other East of England towns – Basildon and Southend – also making the bottom 10.

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They're joined on the bottom rungs of the ladder by Brighton, Exeter, Leicester and Swansea.

The other end of the leader board is dominated by South East towns including Crawley, Southampton, Reading and Oxford.

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Norwich is even beaten by Ipswich, which ranks 35th.

TotallyMoney seems to have some differences of opinion with the Sunday Times, which named Norwich in its 'best places to live' list for 2018.

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