New business fair in Fakenham to tap into positive vibe

The founders of the recently-established Fakenham Area Business Community are hoping that its inaugural business fair on Saturday will help reinforce a growing positive mood in the town.

News that 150 new jobs could be created in an expansion of the Hain Daniels frozen food factory and that well-established businesses Langham Glass, Krusty Loaf and JD Wetherspoon – and that Greggs has already opened – are all planning to move into Fakenham will be viewed as a cause for optimism by many people in the town.

And it is a positivity felt by Steve Hall and Keith Osborn, co-founders of FABCOM, a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote businesses in Fakenham and within a 12-mile radius of town, including Wells.

Mr Hall, who has run his own website design company in Fakenham for almost 20 years, said: 'FABCOM is a positive organisation and we want people to have a positive attitude about the town.

'Fakenham has its problems but I think the positive aspects of the town by far outweigh these. It is a great place to live and work. Fakenham was in its prime as a business centre about 20 years ago when the town's printing industry was thriving.

'When that collapsed there were difficulties but it is coming up well again and there is lots going on in Fakenham and a lot to be positive about.'

Saturday's business fair will be the first major project to be run by FABCOM. More than 20 businesses have so far signed up to take part and entries are still being accepted.

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Mr Osborn, who has lived in Fakenham since 2005 and has been running his own photography business in the town for three years, said: 'The business fair is not just for businesses but should interest members of the public as well. It is a good way for people to see what the town has to offer. We would love to hear from businesses in Wells as well.

'If this business fair goes well we would like to do it on a more regular basis. Though FABCOM, as a group, is led by its members and what they want to do.

'After the business fair, we will look to put out a publication promoting the area's businesses as that is what our members set as the next priority.'

Mr Osborn said: 'There are lots of people in Fakenham who care a lot about the town and are working hard to make it work.

'We have seen a lot of that enthusiasm since we set FABCOM. We now have almost 70 members, which we are very pleased about and we are getting new members on a weekly basis.

'And as our membership increases we will have a greater voice in the future.'

The business fair will be at Fakenham Community Centre on Saturday from noon until 5pm.

For more information about FABCOM, and to book a place at the business fair, go to

The EDP and Fakenham and Wells Times will also be at the business fair and people will be able to talk to our advertising representative, Richard Tree, about advertising opportunities.