Husband and wife team find strong consumer base for Jerusalem-inspired food in Norwich

Ruth and Julian Kitcher in their Jerusalem street food eatery called Ruth's Kitchen in Magdalen Stre

Ruth and Julian Kitcher in their Jerusalem street food eatery called Ruth's Kitchen in Magdalen Street. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

A Jerusalem-inspired restaurant which was opened under seven months ago by a husband and wife team has shot to 11th place out of 679 eating places in Norwich on a ratings site for the city.

Ruth's Kitchen was begun seven months ago as a friendly, canteen-style space for Israeli food on Magdalen Street.

Now rated 11th out of 679 city eating places on Trip Advisor, co-founder Julian Kitcher said a key to success had not been Anglicising the restaurant.

'There is a real openness among people here to try new things,' he said. 'I thought it might be a hard sell, but not at all - people have been intrigued by it all.' The restaurant on Magdalen Street, which is known for its ethnic eateries and quirky shops, was renovated entirely by former carpenter Mr Kitcher before launching.

Mrs Kitcher, who learnt to cook in Israel, is the sole chef behind the scenes preparing everything from scratch.

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'For price range, we're almost rivalling McDonalds, but it's all tasty and healthy for you,' said her husband. 'We're trying to start a mini food revolution here.'

The restaurant started out with a £5000 loan from the Norwich and Waveney Enterprise Service (NWES), and is considering entering the business of the year prize in upcoming awards.

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